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Posted on September 16, 2010


I’ve installed the beta release of Maverick and I have to say that I am quite impressed. There is one niggling problem with the keyring for which I have not found a satisfactory answer but there is a simple workaround if anyone else has this problem. As with Lucid, I opted for Lubuntu but much of the following should hold for any flavor of Maverick.


I again recommend installing a minimal command line system using the alternate install CD or mini.iso as I found the Lubuntu beta iso still looks for a non-existent user 0.

After installing, boot up, login and install “python-software-properties”:

sudo aptitude install python-software-properties

Once “python-software-properties” is installed, type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa
sudo aptitude update

At this point, you have the choice of installing either “lubuntu-desktop” (standard lubuntu) or “lubuntu-core” (a new very minimal lubuntu metapackage). I was quite pleased with the introduction of “lubuntu-core” since I don’t care for many of the lubuntu default packages. But after installing and using it, my recommendation for most users is to install lubuntu-desktop as I found that lubuntu-core installs what is truly a minimal lubuntu system. No desktop manager, no cups, no system-config-printer, no network manager. It took me considerable effort to find everything I wanted to install that was missing and if I were to do it again, I would install lubuntu-desktop instead and then uninstall all of the unwanted apps like aqualung, xpad, etc.

sudo aptitude install lubuntu-desktop

for the full lubuntu experience or

sudo aptitude install lubuntu-core

for the minimal experience.

For the remainder of the installation, follow the post-installation procedures outlined in my Lucid HOWTO


With this installation of Lubuntu, I seem to have the familiar problem with the keyring asking for my password after I log on in order to connect to the network. Asking on the #lubuntu IRC did not get me any conclusive answers. No one else on #lubuntu seems to be suffering this problem so it may be somehow due to the fact that I installed lubuntu-core instead of lubuntu-desktop. I don’t see how this could be the case but I’m also puzzled that no one else has this problem. I’ve tried installing from the beta2 iso, a minimal install + lubuntu-desktop and they all have the same problem with the keyring not being unlocked upon login.  I know it is a Lubuntu specific problem because I also installed the maverick netbook remix and had no keyring problems.

In any case, if you are asked for your keyring password after logging in, the workaround I use is to edit the wireless connection and click “allow anyone to use this connection”.

Conclusion [Updated 10/8/10]

In my prior HOWTO, I prematurely stated that I thought Lucid was the best Ubuntu ever for the Aspire One ZG5 but persistent wireless issues in the forced me to revise my opinion. From my experience so far, they appear to have finally resolved the wireless problems so I will tentatively conclude that Maverick is the best Ubuntu ever for the ZG5.

Since the keyring problem appears to be Lubuntu specific, I stand by my claim that Maverick is the best Ubuntu ever for the Aspire One. If you can live with some other flavor of Ubuntu other than Lubuntu or wish to follow my install instructions for a crunchbang-like Karmic, you should have no problems. I, however, decided to revert to Lubuntu 10.04 since it is an LTS release. I opted against the netbook remix as it just wasn’t as snappy as I’m used to on my AAO.

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