Natty again

Posted on May 6, 2011


Almost by accident, I tried Xubuntu for the first time in years when I installed it on an old, old Micron for my mom’s use while she’s visiting. I was pleasantly surprised by the absence of Open Office and Evolution and the presence of Ubuntu Indicators (what the heck were Gnome developers thinking)!

It looked so nice that I decided to install it on my Aspire One! Along with Ubuntu Indicators, Gwibber becomes a worthy replacement for the apparently moribund Pino. Pidgin (just enable the plugin)  and Thunderbird also work with Indicators. Auto-hiding dock at the bottom of the screen! Memory usage apparently under control! Beautiful!

Get it here, create a bootable, live usb flash drive and install it. Then follow my Lucid instructions for modifying /etc/default/grub to get the fan under control and the card reader working.

7/11/11 Update: Gwibber is currently broken for Twitter so instead I have been using TweetDeck with Chromium.

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