It’s alive!

Posted on December 25, 2015


My Aspire One ZG5 is still kicking! I may look to upgrade in the next year or two but for the most part, it is still fine for light browsing.  The only problem I’ve been encountering is that some applications are no longer produced for 32bit systems…

In terms of distros, I tried the Crunchbang successor, Bunsenlabs, but it’s just not doing it for me (as big as the Debian repository is, not everything I want is available).  So I’ve been using Arch based distros (Manjaro and Antergos) for the last few years. I like the rolling release model and the Arch User Repository (AUR) provides just about anything else one could want to install.

So my new distro of choice has lately been Antergos Openbox. Unlike Manjaro, it is actively maintained, has a nice set of default apps and it looks nice. It is probably a little on the heavy side for an Openbox distro but that works fine for me.  Things mostly work out-of-the-box for the Aspire One so I’m not sure I need to update my HOWTO. The only real configuration still necessary is to modify grub.cfg to add acerhdf support.

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