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It’s alive!

December 25, 2015


My Aspire One ZG5 is still kicking! I may look to upgrade in the next year or two but for the most part, it is still fine for light browsing. ┬áThe only problem I’ve been encountering is that some applications are no longer produced for 32bit systems… In terms of distros, I tried the Crunchbang […]

Arch linux HOWTO

February 15, 2010


[10-29-2011: These instructions are definitely out-of-date as a number of packages have changed.] [8-28-2011: These instructions may be severely out of date since Arch has released a new install image.] I received my new 1.8″ zif hard drive and as promised, I decided to try out Arch. I started with a base Arch system (including […]